Review: Make Up Store Liquid Foundation

Make Up Store Liquid Foundation ★★★★
Price: $58.00
Size: 30 ml
About: oil based liquid foundation offering a medium coverage and dewy finish. Packaged in a glass bottle with pump applicator.
Review: Make Up Store Liquid Foundation is a hydrating liquid foundation with a lightweight consistency that smooths skin's appearance and offers a flawless finish. Liquid Foundation is an oil-based product which makes it ideal for normal/dry skin types, but for those who have oily or acneic skin my best advice is to try a different alternative. I have normal/dry skin with few breakouts and Liquid Foundation is fantastic for my skin. I like the feel of the formula which blends in to the skin with ease and its dewy finish gives my skin a healthy glow without making it look oily or shiny. Liquid Foundation offers long lasting wear and with only one to two pumps required per application, the product lasts around 3 months if worn daily. While Liquid Foundation is relatively well priced, I am quite shocked with how much the price has jumped since my first purchase in 2007 when it cost only $38.00! Having said that though I do wear Liquid Foundation regularly because it is a wonderful foundation.
Tip: Beware the glass bottle and handle with care!
Purchased: Yes.
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