Review: Make Up Store Lipstick Sealer

Make Up Store Lipstick Sealer ★
Price: $25.00
About: alcohol-based lip colour sealant designed to prolong lipstick when worn. Packaged in a glass bottle with brush applicator.
Review: I have spent months in search of a product that helps to hold and seal lipstick so my clients can enjoy their shade for longer, so when I stumbled upon Lipstick Sealer, I thought my needs had been answered. But they have not been. I was hugely disappointed by Lipstick Sealer because all this liquid seems to contain is alcohol. Lipstick Sealer smells like a mix between alcohol and nail polish remover (NOT a good first impression) and is applied to the lips like a nail polish is due to the brush applicator. The liquid formula started to sting my lips almost right away and dried them out almost instantly as well. I tried to wear this for as long as possible to see how it holds my lipstick but after 10 minutes the stinging sensation and tight feel was just so awful I had to remove it - and never went back to it. Sadly Lipstick Sealer did not leaving a positive impression.
Purchased: No. 
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