Review: Make Up Store Eyedust

Make Up Store Eyedust ★★★½
Price: $32.00
About: highly pigmented loose eye shadow w/ iridescent shimmer. Packaged originally in small jars with screw lids, now with flip top lids.
Review: Make Up Store holds a great range of loose Eyedust, but there are other brands out there with stronger pigment which stand the test of time, hence the 3.5 star rating. Having said that Eyedust has just undergone a new look with flip top lids instead of the old screw lids and this might mean that the pigment has had a makeover too. While Eyedust come in 48 gorgeous shades, their pigment lets them down because I need to pat and press a lot onto the lid to ensure eyes look and stay intense for hours. I often use 24 Carat, a gorgeous soft beige-gold because it is a popular shade to use on bridal parties but I also use a similar shade from another brand and the colour and intensity are much better. The good thing about Make Up Store's old Eyedust packaging is that the container screws up tight and does not leak or spill in between uses but now the lid has changed I cannot report on its overall result. I would like to check out the new packaging and see if the new Eyedust lids have helped or hindered their overall use.
Purchased: Yes.