Review: MAC Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum

MAC Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum ★★★★½
Price: $60.00
About: lash serum designed to lengthen and condition lashes. Packaged in a small black tube with small brush applicator.
Review: Although I am relatively happy with the length and quantity of my lashes, which girl doesn’t dream of long thick beautiful lashes? My daily routine involves curling my lashes with an eye lash curler, and applying lashes of mascara. Having sensitive eyes which water easily, I often use waterproof mascara so all in all, you can only imagine the amount of damage my lashes take on, on a daily basis. So I was very excited to try this serum - also because it is the first time that I have ever tried a lash serum and so I didn’t really know what to expect. I have now used Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum for just over 3 weeks, and given its recommend to use it for 8 weeks to see results, it is still too early to form any solid conclusions about this lash serum's effectiveness. However, so far my opinion is favourable and my lashes seem healthier and stronger, and I seem to be losing fewer lashes when removing my makeup. The serum thereby seems to boost the longevity of my lashes' lifetime, allowing them to grow for longer before falling out. As for the length of my lashes, they are possibly also already a teeny bit longer, but with still over 4 weeks of treatment to go, I am excited about the potential results I will see in the weeks to come. Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum comes in a tube which resembles a liquid eye liner, with a thin brush applicator. The serum is clear and is applied directly to your lash line, using the thin brush applicator. The application is quick and easy, and in spite of my sensitive eyes, applying the serum to both my upper and lower lashes did not irritate my eyes. The serum has a very light scent which is still very pleasant, and not too strong for use around the eyes. As advised, I applied the twice daily, in the evening before going to bed, and in the morning before applying my make up. The serum does not interfere with eye makeup, and has made no difference to the staying power of my eye liner, eye shadow or mascara. At $60 this serum is not cheap, but if the results continue, I find that it is well worth its price, and I can easily see myself using this a few times a year as a treatment to my lashes. Even if the serum should not make the lashes longer, this is a great product even if you just wish to keep lashes healthier and prevent them from falling out.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter