Review: MAC Mineralize Foundation / Loose

MAC Mineralize Foundation / Loose ★★
Price: $56.00
Size: 7.5g
About: loose powder mineral foundation offering a medium coverage. Packaged in a plastic container with plastic sifter to disperse the product, and a twist lid.
Review: It kills me to say this but I am not a fan of MAC's Mineralize Foundation / Loose. In fact I am yet to discover a MAC foundation that really blows me away. Being one of the world leaders in cosmetics and always at the forefront of new products, designs and collections, it is fair to say that I really do expect the best from MAC and their foundations just don't seem to live up to these expectations. Mineralize Foundation / Loose is a great concept for a foundation because a) it is a mineral-derived foundation, b) it is ideal for those with even the most sensitive skin and c) the product contains an SPF. While the Australian stock houses 9 shades to suit most skin tones, the coverage which claims to be 'medium with a buildable coverage' actually goes on with a light coverage which is buildable to a medium at most. I tried to be patient and gradually build up the coverage each morning as I applied it but that is the best result I could get. By lunch time on day one I was a little disappointed to find half of my 'face' had disappeared and I was left with the raw shell underneath: my skin! So on the few consecutive days I wore Mineralize Foundation / Loose I made sure that around midday I completely touched up with my pressed powder and tried to make myself look blended and flawless again but it was a tricky feat and for that it only receives 3 stars because it has potential but the formulation is just not there yet.