Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics iLINE Eyeliner Pen

Gorgeous Cosmetics iLINE Eyeliner Pen ★★★★½
Price: $29.00
About: Excellent colour gives you a blacker than black effect with full and intense coverage, with a waterproof formula that dries in seconds, and won’t fade, transfer of flake from the skin. It has a fine tip for precise application, and is packaged in a thin and sleek black pen with a pull-off lid.
Review: I have been using the same liquid liner from another brand for the past decade, not that I haven’t tried others, I just haven’t found another one which is as easy to apply and which stays put for a full day. Having combination skin, the eye liner will often start to slide off half-way through the day, and top that with very sensitive eyes, which water very easily, so it’s a requirement that the eyeliner is waterproof and wont transfer. So I was excited to try the Gorgeous Cosmetics ILine Liquid Eyeliner Pen. It comes in a thin and sleek black pen, and has such a fine tip which makes it both very precise and easy to use. The tip is a bit shorter than my normal eyeliner, which does make it easier to use, especially for beginners to liquid eye liner, as longer tips are often more difficult to control. And it’s easy to create the eye you want, be it a simply fine-lined day-time flick to a thicker full winged look, this eyeliner does the job – so it’s perfect for both the beginner, as well as the more advanced and skilled liquid eyeliner user. The eyeliner has an intense and very pigmented ink that is blacker than black, and once applied It dries very quickly. And in spite of wearing the Gorgeous eyeliner both in hot and humid weather, and a humid rainy day, as promised, it stayed put all day, without fading, sliding or transferring. When it came to removing the eyeliner, this was very easy too, without the need to pull or rub on the eyes, but obviously a waterproof eye-makeup remover was required. I have finally found my Holy Grail eye liner!
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter
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