Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee Powder Eye Shadow

Pure Color GelĂ©e Powder Eye Shadow ★★★
Price: $42.00
About: hyper metallic eye shadow shades which can be used dry or wet for an intense pigment. Texture changes from a creamy powder formula when dry to a jelly-like texture when wet.
Review: Pure Color Gelee Powder Eye Shadow is a very clever innovative eye shadow by Estee Lauder. Designed to offer you maximum impact eye shadow colour, these little eye shadow compacts come in six stunning limited edition shades which can be worn as is when applied dry or worn wet for a more intense look. Cyber Pink is a really soft sand/beige tone with a pink undertone. When worn dry it offsets a pearlescent shimmer finish which is subtle and rather natural. But when you wet your eye shadow brush and run it through the creamy formula, the consistency changes from a powder to a smooth jelly consistency and the colour is double the intensity. The difference did not blow me away but I am really impressed by the creamy powder formula because I have never experienced an eye shadow with this texture and it feels lovely when worn on the skin. The intensity when used wet is nice but I was personally hoping for a little more so I added a similar shimmer loose eye shadow over the top to create more intensity and give my eyes that 'wow' factor. The unique formula blends with ease when used both wet and dry and the lovely shadow is not affected by water when it has been wet because after a few minutes. On top of that Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee Powder Eye Shadow does not crease or flake like you might think thanks to its tribid Prisma Shine technology which makes it more malleable and gives it a more extreme sheen. While the technology is pretty high-tech and the shadows are limited edition, I can't get my head around the price because the shadow is so small and if used wet the product wouldn't last long. Still, if you are an Estee Lauder fanatic and love gimmicky products then this one is for you.
Purchased: No.
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