Review: Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face ★★
Price: $65.00
Size: 28g
About: loose exfoliating buffing grains which look like sand but are much gentler on the skin. Acts as a facial exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and dirt on skin's surface. Packaged in a glass jar with small opening.
Review: It pains me to give this product only 3 stars because I love Buffing Grains for Face for so many reasons and yet I can't stand it for one major (and very valid) reason. Let's start with why I love Buffing Grains for Face because if it wasn't for the set back I would purchase again and again. Buffing Grains for face is one of the most thorough and effective facial exfoliants I have experienced in a long while. The gentle grains are super fine and feel like tiny little firm buffers working away at your skin in harmony. Buffing Grains for Face is so gentle that it can be used around the eye area also. The scent is lightweight and almost non-existent which is important when using a product so close to your eyes and nostrils.
Now here is the con...and a major one at that: if you should happen to even bring it near water or a room full of moisture, the amazing buffing grains form together in a bit lump and as the top hardens in the jar, the rest cannot move or come out of the small opening at the top of the jar. That's right ladies, after just two applications my beloved Buffing Grains for Face was 'moisturised' and not working properly which was a huge disappointment because almost everyone I know exfoliates when showering - I know I do. Sure you can poke a hole in to the top but after a few goes it will become virtually impossible to use this exfoliant to its full potential and it is a huge disappointment knowing a product with so much potential could perform so poorly due to its own packaging. Therefore I really do believe that Buffing Grains for Face could do with a package makeover. Containing Japanese Adzuki Bean Powder to remove dry surface patches and renew skin, the formula really is beautiful in just about every way.
Tip: Apply a small portion in to your hand and add a few drops of water, or add a small portion to your favourite cleanser. Rub hands/fingers together to form a paste and apply it to dampened skin for a soft exfoliation. For a more intense exfoliation, apply to dry skin. Keep the glass jar away from water because as soon as moisture hits the jar, the product will get stuck in the jar and will not budge.
Purchased: No.
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