Review: Remington Salon Pro Tribal Compact Tong

Remington Salon Pro Tribal Compact Tong ★★
Price: $33.95
About: compact curling wand suitable for travelling or packing light. Also suitable for women with short hair, or hair down to their shoulders. Contains a two year warranty, on LED Indicator Light, titanium coated curling barrel and salon swivel cord. Pink handle with snakeskin pattern over it.
Review: Remington Salon Pro Tribal Compact Tong, is just that COMPACT. The cute small tong is great to for those who want to pack your curling tong but don’t have much room in your luggage. It has a generous salon swivel cord so there is no excuse for getting all tangled up. Did I mention it is pink? You have to love it more now that it’s pink! Remington Salon Pro Tribal Compact Tong is ready to use in 30 seconds. No, that wasn’t a typo: 30 seconds, so don’t walk away as it will be ready to use before you know it. It has a titanium coated barrel and the end is not hot so you can grip it. I really like how these tongs don’t require a clamp/clasp because they are easier to use without it. It has a red LED light to indicate that the tong is on and also has an on/off switch. There is a low (150°C) and a high (200°C) temperature setting. I used the 200°C setting for my hair because I have thick hair but the lower temperature should work on someone with fine hair or not-so-much hair. When used with my hair I had a few issues: one was that my hair was too long to wrap fully around the barrel, so I had to start half way down the hair. Secondly it would have been nice to have included a heatproof glove as I found because it was small it was hard to hold and at 200°C, you don’t want to burn yourself. I believe the full size model includes one. The curls that this tong produces are quite tight, I think mostly due to the small barrel to wrap hair around. The curls were smooth and shiny, just the way I would like them to be. I didn’t manage to do my full head as it would have taken me hours, so I did the top layer for a really cute look, however I found it frustrating that I could not use it all over and quickly. The curls, did drop as the night went on, but I actually like the look better. Overall for a small compact tong I really think Remington Salon Pro Tribal Compact Tong stepped up. This product would be better suited to people with short hair, or if you only need to curl a few sections of the hair. Personally I would be happier to spend a little extra and get the full size model.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Leanne Cotte.