Review: Pure & Green Organics Sensitivity Moisture Lotion

Pure & Green Organics Sensitivity Moisture Lotion ★★★★ 
Price: $39.95
About: hydrating facial moisturiser best suited to sensitive and allergy prone skin.
Review: This product has a lot going for it. It is unscented (although still manages to smell lovely and fresh due to its natural ingredients), it contains Certified Australian Organic ingredients and is endorsed by Planet Ark. Its eco-friendly packaging “preserves product & reduces waste” and the lid is made of recycled cardboard. This lotion is so gentle it is even suitable for newborn skin! With aloe vera as its base, this lotion is incredibly hydrating, however it is extremely light-weight. For those with sensitive/dry skin, I would not imagine you would feel very pampered by this product. But, for those with oily/sensitive skin, this product is perfect, mainly for summer. It contains no comodogenic (pore blocking) ingredients. I see this as a huge bonus because there is not much on the market for that skin type. However, I would only recommend this as a day moisturiser. There is simply not enough “oil” content for evening skin hydration.
Purchased:  No.
Reviewed by: Jade Frances.