Review: Make Up Store Cleansing Towel

Make Up Store Cleansing Towel ★★★½
Price: $19.00
About: hypo-allergenic microfibre cleansing cloth.
Reviews: If you are seeking a cleansing towel that cleans, lightly exfoliates and is hypo-allergenic then Make Up Store's Cleansing Towel is perfect. The best way to describe the texture is to compare it to a car chamois - when dry the cleansing towel is hard and stiff but when soaked in water Cleansing Towel becomes soft and moves freely. For less that $20 this handy face towel is reusable and can be washed over and over again to prevent the on-spread of grime and bacteria. Although my cleansing towel looks dirty and grimy after a short period of time, my skins already feels cleaner and much smoother after a month's use. The lifespan of Cleansing Towel is around 3 months and you will notice that the soft texture changes. While I would use this again but have since found a cheaper alternative.
Purchased: Yes.