Review: MAC Brow Set

MAC Brow Set in 'Clear' ★★★★★
Price: $28.00
About: brow grooming gel designed to keep unruly hairs from going astray. Packaged in a clear tube and contains a mascara wand applicator. Comes in four shades ranging from clear to tinted blondes and browns.
Review: While you read this, you are probably sitting there thinking I do not need a brow gel but trust me... you do. When I find an exceptional beauty product that stands out from the rest, I am one loyal fan. However I am feeling a little two-faced as I write this because my number one brow gel has now fallen in to second position because MAC Brow Set is hands down the best!! The formula is lightweight and non-sticky and I love the fact it does not dry up and flake in the brow hairline. The formula glides across the brows and sets them in place in two foul swoops (TIP: Sweep the brush in the opposite direction of hair growth and then gently sweep the hairs back in to place for perfect brows). Not only do I love Brow Set but so do others. I receive compliments about how perfect my brows look and because I do not fill my brows in with fillers at work, the look is still natural, professional and above all polished. I took this with me to Bali recently and it was fantastic for grooming my brows and polishing off my minimal makeup look when I went out to dinner or for a drink. Plus you can take this fantastic MAC product home and still get change from $30 which I think is truly fabulous. I love, love, love Brow Set.
Purchased: No.