PRODUCT REVIEW: Living Nature Thickening Mascara

Living Nature Thickening Mascara in 'Jet Black' ★★★½
Price: $23.00
Winner: Green Beauty Bible 2010 Best Natural Mascara Award
About: mascara designed to thicken and condition lashes. Packaged in a black mascara tube.
Review: Being a mascara made from natural ingredients, I expected the product to underperform but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Living Nature Thickening  Mascara in 'Jet Black' really does lengthen lashes and makes them appear fuller. Although this is the brand's 'thickening' formula, I saw more lengthening results than anything and found that my lashes look really long when wearing the product. The shade is black and it gives lashes a dramatic effect but I think the formula is better suited to day time than night time because in the evening I prefer a more dramatic finish and am sure most consumers would agree. The packaging is slimline and clean and the formula contains Halloysite clay to thicken lashes for impact without clumps or chemicals.
Purchased: No.