PRODUCT REVIEW: Living Nature Refreshing Body Wash

Living Nature Refreshing Body Wash ★
Price: $19.00
Size: 200ml
About: shower gel. Packaged in a plastic half moon bottle with flip lid.
Review: I understand that Manuka Honey is the key ingredient in Living Nature's range of products but it honestly needs to be toned down because the scent is so strong it is offensive. When I received Refreshing Body Wash I was expecting a heavenly and fragrant scent to omit as the product was released from the bottle. Instead I received a pungent scent so strong that my partner and I both found it to be offensive. Sadly the hydrating scent of Manuka Honey was so strong that I could not wait to finish using up the product just so I could replace it. Refreshing Body Wash foams up but only subtly. While I dislike giving negative reviews, it is my job to be as honest as possible and unless the scent is changed, I will not consider using again in future.
Purchased: No.