PRODUCT REVIEW: Living Nature Purifying Hand Wash

Living Nature Purifying Hand Wash ★★½
Price: $13.00
Size: 250ml
About: liquid hand wash. Packaged in a plastic half moon container with a pump applicator.
Review: Unfortunately this is not one of my favourite hand washes because the scent is too strong and the consistency is very thick - much too thick for a hand wash which means that I usually end up with residue on my hands after washing. After re-washing my mitts the strong scent lingers on my hands and becomes quite overbearing so I am disappointed with Purifying Hand Wash. It contains a range of essential oils to nourish the skin as well as Manuka and Kelp Extracts. Sadly I would not buy this in future because as delicious as Manuka Honey sounds, the scent is really unappealing.