Review: Innoxa Naturally Innoxa Replenishing Hand Cream

Innoxa Naturally Innoxa Replenishing Hand Cream ★★½
Price: $9.95
Size: 75ml
About: hydrating and smoothing hand cream. Packaged in a plastic tube with flip top lid.
Review: I really enjoy using the luxurious Naturally Innoxa Replenishing Hand Cream. Containing sea minerals for hydrating and detoxifying the skin, this product has a pleasant smell. A little squeezed into your palm, goes a long way and if used say twice a day, this hand cream should last a couple of months. The cream absorbs into my skin really fast, so it doesn't leave that slippery, slimy feeling afterwards which is great. Naturally Innoxa Replenishing Hand Cream comes in a 75ml turquoise colored tube, which squeezes out with ease. The easy to open flip top lid is great if, like me you use while driving in the car!! After just a few days use, I have noticed the skin on my hands is becoming softer. Not only does the formula contain sea minerals but also honey & grape seed oil to moisturise and nourish hands, nails and cuticles. It’s also free from parabens & petrochemicals. Naturally Innoxa is very affordable at $9.95. This was a really great hand cream and, I would use it again for sure.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Leanne Cotte