Review: Lust Have It (formerly Glossybox)

Lust Have It (formerly Glossybox) ★★★½ 
Price: $14.95 per month.
About: Glossybox is one of numerous innovative new companies based on a ‘Sample Box’ concept. A monthly Glossybox subscription entitles you to a medley of five hand-selected luxury beauty miniatures, ranging from high end to classic, pharmacy brands, all packaged in a beautiful ‘Glossybox'. It also features product information and application tips and tricks for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Review: I received a pink and grey postage box brandishing the Glossybox logo, which housed a delightful hot pink/bright fuchsia coloured inner box to coincide with the essence of Valentines Day. The suspense and excitement of opening the box was like unwrapping an elegant, mystery gift. I love that the attractive pink box which will come in handy for all sorts of things, like makeup or nail polish storage. The products were wrapped in white tissue paper with a love heart sticker on top and wrapped in a grey ribbon. Products are cushioned amongst shreds of crinkly white and pink paper to ensure protection during transit, whilst adding to the appeal of the gorgeous packaging. 

The products I snagged are not what I would consider 'Valentine's Day products', but the exceptional presentation ties in perfectly with the occasion. Four out of the five products were actually full-sized, so in this instance the value of the goods exceeded the subscription cost, making it a worthwhile investment. The only disappointment: I discovered some people were lucky enough to score a selection of high end brands, such as Bobbi Brown and Jane Iredale while the rest of us received less budget brands readily available from pharmacies.

CARMEX Moisture Plus Lip Balm – Packaged in a slimline, wind-up tube, the sleek design is ideal to pop into my handbag for application on the go. Enriched with nourishing vitamins, it keeps my lips baby soft and hydrated for hours, while the additional SPF properties protects my kissers from sun damage. This stylish lip balm provides a clear pearlescent sheen on my lips for a chic glossy finish and boasts a hint of vanilla fragrance that smells divine.

PROACTIVE Deep Cleansing Wash - I was nervous to try Proactive, as I have heard a few horror stories surrounding the brand, but on the same note all the positive advertising spotlights numerous success stories, even from well-known celebrities, so I wanted to try it myself to see what it was like. I am glad I did too, because with just two uses on my face it cleared up the stress related cystic acne spots I have been suffering for the past couple of weeks. I also like that it perfect for the body as well, because this time of the year body breakouts are not uncommon. The thick, nicely textured formula contains super fine exfoliating beads, which supply a gentle deep pore cleanse, to clear congestion and reduce oiliness. It effectively sloughs away dead, dulling skin cells and prevents future breakouts without drying the skin to promote a clearer, brighter, healthier-looking complexion. This multi-purpose exfoliating cleanser was a surprisingly impressive addition to the Glossybox.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Mineral Lip Shine – One of my favourite Aussie cosmetics brand delivers a lip product that claims to impart the nourishing hydration of a lip balm and the shine of a gloss, with plenty of pigment like a long-wearing lipstick. I got this in Beach House, a flattering neutral hue with a golden shimmer, which glides on smooth and doesn’t cause stickiness. It comes in a silver wind-up tube, much like a lipstick, however I find the sheer, lightweight formula isn’t very moisturising and although the colour lasts for ages my lips are left feeling rather dry afterward. 

PALMER’S Skin Therapy Oil with Rosehip – While this oil is for both face and body, I find it too rich and greasy for my face because I have a naturally oily complexion anyway, but I love it slathered on my body after a shower in place of a moisturiser. It boasts the typical heavy fragrance associated with Palmer’s and while the floral scent is quite pleasant, I find it slightly overbearing, but thankfully, it fades quickly after application. The formula is lightweight and it sinks into my skin fast, leaving it feeling soft, supple and silky smooth. It’s a good value, multi-tasking oil that has many uses; it’s great as a massage oil, perfect for adding to bathwater and it also works a treat on reducing the appearance of newly formed scars and stretchmarks.
STAR AND ROSE Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files - This little pack of miniature cushioned nail files is super cute and definitely ideal to slip into my purse in case of nail emergencies. Adorning a stunning star and rose design, they almost look too pretty to use. Maybe a tad too tiny and awkward for frequent use, but handy all the same and the chic design is something I would be proud to be seen using.

I also received a $15 discount voucher for the online store, a $20 discount voucher for a monthly supply of the Proactive 3-Step System and a packet of Swizzels Matlow's Love Hearts. My online research has led me to the conclusion that consumers feel that Glossybox is a little inconsistent because the contents vary from person to person. It seems that some boxes accent mostly high-end products and others with budget brands which could leave some feeling as though they have missed out. Glossybox claims that they try and make each box as even and fair as possible and if that is not possible they try and ensure they even out month to month. Some customers have reported receiving the same products they had already received in previous boxes. Glossybox is a fairly new service and generally you can expect a few hiccups to begin with.

Glossybox is basically a ‘lucky-dip’ and comes down to ‘luck of the draw’ regarding the value and variety of products contained in each box. One thing they can guarantee though is that you will always receive $14.95 worth of beauty booty, if not a whole lot more. I love the idea of opening up a surprise beauty package when it arrives in the mail, it gives me the opportunity to try products that I might not have considered buying or trying otherwise. Personally, I enjoyed my Glossybox experience and while I don’t think I could justify ordering a monthly subscription, I would definitely consider the occasional box as a special treat when I feel like a ‘pick-me-up’. Glossybox would make an awesome gift idea for someone special. I rate Glossybox 3.5 stars due to its beautiful presentation and the exciting anticipation wondering what the box will contains. It’s a fantastic concept.