Review: ghd Air

ghd Air ★★★★
Price: $199.95
Watts: 2100
Motor: 240 volts
About: the first professional hair dryer from ghd. Contains a powerful motor that blow dries and styles in minutes. Contains two concentrator nozzles, two heat and two power controls, cool shot, 3 metre power cord, replaceable hair/dust filter, and ergonomic shape suitable for left-handed users.
Reviews: Oh my gosh! Never in my life have I loved a hair dryer so much! Just when I thought my Parlux was the bomb and that no dryer could ever replace it, I have done the unthinkable and replaced it with ghd Air. The best part is that I have no regrets whatsoever. Why do I love it so much? My hair is long, fine and there is a lot of it which means it can take up to 20 minutes to towel dry and blowdry relatively straight and almost fully dry and this time spent could be used on something more exciting. Since using ghd Air it takes only 10 minutes to dry off my tresses and get in to the back section of my hair which usually stays wet and builds up with product and with looking good being high on my agenda, I couldn't be happier with this result. I am a makeup artist by trade and am in the process of learning how to style hair so I decided to use my new ghd Air and show it off to my hairdresser who generally likes to use her own products. So my hair teacher and Air started getting acquainted and after just three minutes, my teacher turned to me and said, "Oh my gosh this is really good! I want one now" and if it good enough for her then it is certainly good enough for me.
Air has two heat settings: medium, for hair which is only slightly damp, and high, for wet hair straight from the shower. It also contains a cool shot button to set styles in place. It also contains two power settings: the medium power is quite good but for a really quick dry the high power setting will blow away anything sitting on the bench because it is really strong. I love the 3 metre cord because if I was to use it on set then this will prevent me from bringing a power extension lead along. The filter at the back contains a gorgeous, intricate ghd design embossed on it and the best bit: it can be taken off to easily remove the lint and dust it collects over time and clips back in with ease. As a left-hander I constantly get laughed at when trying new things because I generally use my hands differently to that of a right-hander, making it harder for me to pick up fiddly things, but Air is suited to left and right handed users so everyone should pick up the dryer and use it without any confusion. For many years I have wondered, "why, oh why doesn't ghd make hair dryers" and now I know why: ghd wanted to blow their competitors out of the water by creating the best hair dryer ever. And you know what? They have succeeded. Mission accomplished folks!
Purchased: No.