Review: Fudge Daily Mint Shampoo

Fudge Daily Mint Shampoo ★★★★★
Price: $16.95
Size: 300ml
About: Shampoo specially formulated for oily scalp and greasy roots. Gently cleanses hair whilst removing excess dirt and oil build up. Packaged in a white slimline bottle with flip lid.
Review: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh--oh-my-god. Sorry but I had to throw in a little Usher because Daily Mint actually makes me want to sing its praise! To readers who have oily hair, this one is for you. To readers whose scalp is excessively greasy, this one is for you. For me it started 2 years ago when planning my wedding. After having a very normal scalp for the entirety of my life, it suddenly changed direction and created an excessive oil slick in my long, fine locks which made my nice hair look greasy, dirty and unkempt. It did not matter how often I washed it or what shampoo I washed it with my scalp was not a happy chappy. And the more I stressed over it, the worse it got. After discovering a product to control and maintain it, I started to feel back to my normal self and much more confident but the product was hard to track down. When I met with Fudge's PR last month, I expressed my concerns because many companies send me hair products which are too hydrating and not at all suited to my hair. The team actually listened to my concerns and addressed it with Daily Mint. This creamy liquid formula froths up when water is added and gently but effectively soaks up the excess oil on my scalp. But that's not all gals because Daily Mint also separates and removes the oil from my hair... genius! I seriously couldn't be happier with the result and I hope that anyone else out there suffering similar issues gives it a try before hiding deeper under that beanie. My only vice is that my long and easy-to-knot hair does knot up after using this, however after placing a hydrating conditioner through my mid lengths and ends, it is much more manageable. Contains menthol, peppermint extracts and ginseng which explains that subtle tingly feeling it brings to your scalp upon application and the natural peppermint scent is so uplifting. The bottle is really easy to hold, carry and the flip top is handy and easy to use. Daily Mint Shampoo is one of my all-time favourite shampoos and I am excited to try more of Fudge's amazing products because this is my first Fudge product and it has made a HUGE difference to not only my hair but also my confidence. Thank you Fudge.
Tip: Really let your hair get wet before adding a 50c piece to your hair and evenly distribute this portion down your centre part, around the ears and along the nape of the neck.
Purchased: No but I will do time and time again.