Review: Botani Boost Balancing Moisturiser

Botani Boost Balancing Moisturiser ★★★★
Price: $25.95+
Size: 50ml / 100ml
About: hydrating facial moisturiser with a lightweight liquid consistency. Suitable for all skin types. Packaged in a brown glass bottle with pump applicator.
Review: For those seeking a beautiful moisturiser that does not clog pores then you must try this. Botani Boost Balancing Moisturiser is a lightweight moisturiser with a smooth creamy/liquid consistency which hydrates skin without leaving a shiny, greasy residue and absorbing with ease. Enriched with Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil and Echinacea for their antibacterial properties, and Olive Squalene which offers intense hydration, Boost Balancing Moisturiser even works to balance oiliness of the T-zone. The scent is light but smells slightly antiseptic which is not exactly to my liking. Perfect for combination skin and people who live in warmer regions, you can be sure that this will work in your skin's favour.
Purchased: No.