Campaign: Peter Alexander 'Pretty Wild' Winter 2012

I love a comfy and fashionable pair of PJ's. Who doesn't? As I sit here in my Babushka Doll Peter Alexander jim-jams I introduce to you the brand's newest collection, Pretty Wild. This collection comprises of pieces for men, women, children and even includes maternity wear and accessories. That's right folks, Peter Alexander has you covered once again! As Peter says, "from pretty floral and prints of lilacs and pinks that are as sweet as pie, to the wildest of animal prints. Embrace the cool change of the season with my new winter collection." Well said, Mr. Alexander, well said.

While the "pretty" blonde model struggles to entertain or convince me, the mysterious and loud "wild" model has me reeled in hook,line and sinker! To view or purchase the collection online click here.