Introducing: Olay's Extensive Facial Cleansing Line

Exciting news from Olay beautettes and we are so impressed with the collection that we simply had to share it with you. Olay know the importance of good skin and understand that everyone's skin is so different. Decades ago brands released a single cleanser, toner and moisturiser to suit all skin types. Years of research has proven otherwise and Olay have really taken this in to account with the launch of their new cleanser line. The cleanser collection impressively consists of eleven cleanser, toner and exfoliants each suited to a wider range of skin types and lifestyles. So just when you thought Olay could not get any better, they have outdone themselves in their quest to stay abreast as market leaders.The Olay Facial Cleansing line combines Olay science with proven facial cleansing technology to meet the various skin care needs of women.

The cleanser range consists of:
Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths - facials wipes available in two types for normal skin and for sensitive skin.
Olay Foaming Facial Wash - a great everyday cleanser which foams up and removes grime. Available in three types for normal skin, sensitive skin and combination/oily skin.
Olay Shine Control Lathering Cleanser - is suited to oily/combination skin who may need that excess sebum removed from the skin. Kaolin Clay acts as a mask to give this skin type a deeper cleanse.
Olay Acne Control Face Wash - perfect for acneic skin this contains Salicylic Acid to kill bacteria in the skin without leaving skin feeling dried out or worse for wear.
Olay Skin Smoothing Scrub - contains super gentle microbeads and is suitable for sensitive skin types. So gentle it is suitable for daily use.
Olay Pore Minimizer Cleanser + Scrub - this product offers deep cleansing action as well as gentle microbeads to buff away dead skin cells. Because this is a cleanser/scrub it is suitable to use twice daily.
Olay Blackhead Clearing Scrub - its hards working formula contains 2% Salicylic Acid and deeply exfoliates and cleanses skin without leaving redness or irritation. When used, this scrub eliminates blackheads and even prevents more from forming.
Olay Oil Minimising Toner - this toner is ideal to use after cleansing or exfoliating to help rebalance skin's pH and is gentle enough for all skin types.

Still unsure which cleanser is right for you? Visit their great website, Right Olay for You which will take the guesswork out and make the right selection in just moments. Yahoo!

Available in stores now. For stockists call 1800 028 280.

Does Olay's new cleanser range excite and delight you?