Hair Extensions in Half the Time: Multisonic by Great Lengths

Some of us have gone to great lengths in the quest for long, full and healthy hair. For lust-worthy hair we blow dry, straighten, curl, cut and colour every strand ... and then there are hair extensions. Generally someone who has a lot of hair can sit in the hairdressing chair for hours and busy schedules can prove difficult for most of us to sit still for great lengths of time. Now you don't have to because Great Lengths have created a new technology that will take hair extensions to a whole new level.

Founded in 1991 by David Gold, Great Lengths offers the world's leading and most advanced hair extensions and hair thickening services in the one product. Launching in salons this month, Multisonic by Great Lengths is the world’s first ultrasound hair extension device able to attach single or multiple strands at once thanks its cold fusion method. This heat-free process means your hair remains lustrous, healthy and smooth from start to finish.

A key benefit of the Multisonic system is how it entwines and bonds hair together to seamlessly blend colours. While the exceptionally small bonds are much smoother to touch, the pillow shaped extensions look more natural and offer a more comfortable experience and the best bit is that Multisonic adds up to five strands at a time. The result: a full head of hair which once took up to four hours can now be done in around 45 minutes, giving you the flexibility of booking in your appointment on your lunch break. Neat-o!

When: Available from participating Great Lengths salons from March 2012.
Where: For participating salons in your area please call Great Lengths on 1300 138 452.

Want to learn more about Great Lengths hair extensions? Click here for an extensive low down on the product and procedure and let Multisonic change your hair for good.

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