Beauty Trend: Lace Nails

Images 2 & 3: Models at Tracy Reese glamming it up in lace.

Hot nail trend: lacy white nails backstage at Joy Ciochi

For the latest bang-on trend, where else to turn to but backstage fashion week! Designers Joy Ciochi and Tracy Reese turned heads and had us saying "I want what she's wearing" when models nails were accessorised to compliment the garments. But that's not all because celebrities are also catching on to this trend with Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Lady Gaga sporting the look.

Lace is such a pretty and feminine material and real lace takes nail art to a new level and using real lace means you can be really unique by trying different patterns and colours as well. I do not have a lot of time to care for my nails but this is one trend I am obsessing over!

Thanks to OPI, you too can create this look at home:
  1. Start with your OPI Base Coat, prepping your nails as you would a normal manicure.
  2. Apply either one or two coats of your preferred base colour and wait until your base colour is completely dry.
  3. Cut 10 pieces of thin lace in shapes that are similar to your nail shape. Stuck? Ask a friend for help.
  4. Apply one layer of OPI Top Coat over-the-top of your base colour and carefully place a piece of lace onto the top coat whilst it is still wet. Make sure that the top coat you use is not quick drying top coat, as you want the lace to adhese onto the top coat. 
  5. Use a pair of tweezers to position the lace in the desired position. (You may wish to use nail glue, however depending on the lace used, this application could look clumsy).
  6. Wait for the top coat to dry completely and then apply a second coat of OPI Top Coat over the lace application. 
  7. Trim off any excess lace and re-apply Top Coat if necessary.
  8. Et Voila! You're done!