Review: Skin Physics Instant Fx Instant Eye Makeover

Skin Physics Instant Fx Instant Eye Makeover ★★★★★
Price: $67.00
About: anti-ageing eye gel designed to brighten, firm and renew skin through instant and long-term results. Packaged in a click pen with cooling and vibrating roller ball.
Review: Instant FX first impression from the packaging to the actual use of the product is very 2012, so it creates a millennium impression from start to finish. I love new products and anything that moves with the times and the presentation is exactly that. Very easy to use and relaxing at the same time as it uses  micro-massage vibrating technology to stimulate areas blood flow therefore diminishing baggy eyes. Hyadisine is the impressive hydrating ingredient which makes it work like a charm, proving to to be more effective than Hyaluronic Acid by eight hours! Hyadisine has been formulated in labs to imitate glucoronic acid which is secreted by mussels who survive the harshest weather conditions in France. Anyhow I found the water proof mascara easy to take off after even just a few circular motions from the vibrating roller ball which increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage... it felt like a mini eye facial that feels great during and after use, with an added bonus of lines diminishing it’s a product. So it’s a thumbs up for I would definitely recommend this product. P.S I caught mum using it and told her to back off,  LOL!
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Di Henneberry