PRODUCT REVIEW: Remington Perfect Curls

Remington Perfect Curls ★★★
Price: $43.95
About: 19mm ceramic hair curler/curling tong with a protective spiral cover and spring action clip.
Review: Having never used a hair curler before I was really excited to get home and curl my hair straight away. I will admit it did take me a while to get used to clipping my hair in and manouvering the wand around my hair, but after a while it became second nature. Having never curled my hair before the spiral cover and swivel cord made it easy to create a good curl and prevented me from burning myself.  The spring action clip however wasn’t working for me and I kept getting my hair caught in it ever time. The instructions were pretty accurate with each curl only taking about 10 seconds. Once I got the hang of it it took me about 30 minutes to curl all my hair, and I do have a lot of hair. I loved the way the curls turned out and I didn’t need much product to keep the curls. A bit of hair spray and that was it. If I could change anything id probably get rid of the clip to save me some split ends. I would definitely recommend it to friends and I already have especially after all the compliments I’ve had from my perfect curls!
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Maria Gregory