Review: The Makeup Box Shop Flip Top Glamour Box

The Makeup Box Shop Flip Top Glamour Box ★★★★½
Price: $153.00
About: extra large acrylic plastic container designed to safely hold beauty products and keep them all in the one place. Contains three shallow draws, one deep drawer and a flip top compartment for larger items.
Review: In this day and age it is hard to create a product which is unique and stands out above the rest but then The Makeup Box Shop came along and turned my beauty bag around for the better. So what is it? The Makeup Box Shop sell a variety of acrylic containers to store your products away from the kids, or other prying fingers. Each box looks like a miniature chest of drawers and are beautifully finished with crystal inspired knob handles. From the perspective of a makeup artist I am really pumped and excited by The Makeup Box Shop's great range of makeup storage boxes because every woman needs one. Sure you probably have a cosmetic case filled with products dating back to 5 or so years (or longer - GULP!!) but imagine having them laid out in a clear acrylic container where you can see it all before you. Emptying your case and moving them to The Makeup Box might even uncover that blush you forgot about or give you the incentive to throw out that crumbly old eye shadow (euch!)  Being a neat freak and having 'stock control' over all of the products I own, this is rarely the case for me, but to be able to keep all of my personal makeup pieces separate from my kit is so much easier with my box.
Flip Top Glamour Box is the largest Makeup Box Shop container and it has been a stellar choice for me. I can now keep track of my personal beauty products and know when I may have borrowed an item from my kit because I only have to look through the clear panels of my box and know where it is. Plus ordering the largest size ensures that I can continue to grow my collection of products and know where to store them. Tres simple! I love how these delicate boxes are delivered to your doorstep from the company. Mine arrived in perfect condition and all drawers have been designed to fit the box to perfection - each drawer glides in and out without scratching or catching.
My only general warning is to please, please take good care of your Makeup Box because they are very fragile - if you drop it, you will break it and if you hit it, then you will most probably chip or crack it so please store it in a safe place.
Overall I love the concept of The Makeup Box Shop and my Fliptop Glamour Box but it loses half a star because when you spend $150+ on such a fantastic item, you would like it to be a little more agile.
Purchased:  No.
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