PRODUCT REVIEW: Living Nature Lipstick

Living Nature Lipstick in 'Dusk' ★★★★★
Price: $25.00
About: lipstick. Packaged in a black wind-up lipstick godet. 
Review: I am so impressed with Living Nature's lipsticks - they have the longest and strongest staying power of all the natural brands I have used. Dusk is a gorgeous light brown shade that looks like a soft pink-brown on my lips - I think my lips change the colour of it but none-the-less I can definitely see myself wearing this more often. As you would know it can be hard to find a lipstick that is long lasting and the ones that are are usually a long-wearing matte finish that leaves lips dried out with continuous use but Living Nature's lipsticks are slightly glossy, they are smooth and don't feel drying or sticky on the lips. I wore this all day and touched up about 3 times over 10 hours which is truly impressive - I can think of plenty of lipstick brands that cost double and last only 45 minutes at most before a touch up. Although the colour selection is not that large, the range is decent and there are plenty of shades that will look great on.
Purchased: No.