PRODUCT REVIEW: Living Nature Eye Makeup Remover

Living Nature Eye Makeup Remover ★★★★½
Winner: Green Beauty Bible Award for Best Eye Make-Up Remover 2010
Price: $27.00
Size: 100ml
About: water-based eye makeup remover in liquid form. Designed to remove makeup from face but specifically designed for eye makeup remover. Packaged in plastic half moon bottle with squirt nozzle applicator and a twist lid.
Review: Of all eye makeup removers trialled, tested and reviewed I would have to say that Living Nature's Eye Makeup Remover is up there. Not only is it gentle and perfect for sensitive eyes like mine, the water-based formula also removes waterproof eye makeup as well as cleaning up traces of my foundation, blush, powder and gloss from the rest of the face. Living Nature Eye Makeup Remover is infused with Calendula, Chamomile and Kumerahou and contains no nasty ingredients. The packaging is so clever - round on the front half and flat on the back so it sits flat against the shower recess. The plastic bottle is slimline and handy easy to grip. The scent is clean but not very appealing but I am not complaining. For the price you pay, you can be guaranteed that Eye Makeup Remover will do everything that it claims to do.
Purchased: No.