PRODUCT REVIEW: Living Nature Blush

Living Nature Blush in 'Warm Summer' ★★★★★ 
Price: $24.00
About: heavily pigmented powder blush which comes in two shades to suit most skin tones. Packaged in a recyclable compact with mini brush, mirror and elastic lid to seal.
Review: How much would you expect to pay for a highly pigmented powder blush made from the best natural ingredients on the market... $60 I hear you ask? Lower... for less than $30 you too can take home the beautiful Living Nature Blush in Warm Summer, a pretty rosy pink hue that makes the apples of your cheeks pop with colour and even brightens your eyes. The scent is extremely subtle, the quality of the pigment is superb and the packaging is cute too. Living Nature Blush contains Corn Starch and Jojoba Seed Oil. I am super impressed with Living Nature Blush and while I would just love to see a peach or coral blush, I am happy using Warm Summer in the meantime.
Tip: Apply sparingly to cheeks because being the heavy handed beauty maven that I am I always end up with a tad bit too much on my brush.
Purchased: No.