PRODUCT REVIEW: Le Tan Fast Tan Foaming Mousse

Le Tan Fast Tan Foaming Mousse in 'Deep Bronze' ★★★★
Price: $12.99AUD
Size: 110ml
About: self tanning product with a mousse consistency. The product is packaged in a plastic container with a pump applicator and plastic lid.
Review: I need a self tanning product that works fast. You see I have really pale skin and do not have the perseverance or time to up-keep my tan. I am not a huge fan of the smell of most fake tans but Fast Tan Deep Bronze Foaming Mousse is coconut scented which is a pleasant surprise. Fast Tan Foaming Mousse has changed my perception of self tanners, giving me motivation to self tan more often because it offers a natural look. The caramel toned mousse offers a gradual colour which is visible from the first application. I rarely streak when using Fast Tan Foaming Mousse unless I am careless and don't pay attention to my ankles, elbows and wrists, therefore it deserves a few brownie points for that. I have taken Fast Tan Foaming Mousse when travelling interstate and the lid protected it from spilling or leaking which is just fantastic. I find the product wears evenly and does not leave me as streaky as others on the market and the price point is so affordable. Almost everyone I know has a bottle of Fast Tan Foaming Mousse in their bathroom vanity.
Purchased: Yes - a few times.