PRODUCT REVIEW: lapuretè Triple Effects Eye Creme

lapuretè Triple Effects Eye Crème  ★★½ 
Revitalising Eye Crème with Okuru
Price $69.90
Size: 15ml
About: eye cream designed to hydrate and target all signs of ageing around the eye. Packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser for application. Review: While I love the idea of lapuretè skin care being nature's alternative to botox, I think the eye cream might need to be reformulated because Revitalising Eye Cream is just too rich and leaves my eyes feeling puffy, swollen, dry and sore - everything I did not want. I have seen a slight change around the eye area but again, it could be due to the puffiness. Revitalising Eye Cream has a powderful combination of ingredients such as Sweet Pea, Soy Bran, Rice Bran and Yeast which work to reduce the appearance of dark circles (which it did help with) and supposedly reduces the appearance of eye bags - which I disagree. The scent is very light and can only be smelled when a large amount is pumped but for sensitive eyes any fragrance can really irritate and this could be one of the reasons it did not work for me. I prefer eye products with a gel consistency as they are lightweight and do not irritate so much.
Purchased: No.