PRODUCT REVIEW: lapurete Resurrection Night Creme

lapuret√® Resurrection Night Creme ★★★★
Formerly: Replenishing Night Creme with Okuru
Price: $59.90
Size: 30ml
About: hydrating anti-ageing night cream for all normal, combination and dry skin types. Aimed to combat the ageing affects of dryness. Packaged in white plastic bottle with pump dispenser for application.
Review: Sadly ladies and gents, our skin becomes thinner and dryer as we age. Add to that smoking, air conditioning, sunbaking and drinking lots of coffee and our skin will be dry as leather in no time. Prevention is the best option and Replenishing Night Cream works hard to reduce the effects of dryness and ageing. It prevents skin from flaking, drying and the onset of wrinkles. Add to that the powerful effects of Okuru which plumps the skin and you have a very useful product that just keeps on giving and giving for less than $60.00.
The evening cream contains extracts from the Resurrection Plant which drenches the skin with intense moisturisation. This plant extract has been clinically proven to provide up to 24 hr moisturisation provide skin with powerful anti-oxidant properties enhancing the skin’s ability to combat environmental damage. Overall my skin enjoyed using it and it certainly did plump up my skin to the point where it looked a little too puffy for my liking - call me strange but I like my gaunt appearance, LOL! At age 24, my skin does not require the 'botoz effect' just yet hence why I found the results a little too much but there was no stinging or irritation. The cream is like many others being that it is rich, creamy and comfortable to wear, plus it absorbs quickly too. I was very happy with the results but would not recommend consumers with oily or acneic skin to use it because it is very rich.
Purchased: No.