PRODUCT REVIEW: lapurete Protective Day Creme with UVA Defense

lapuretè Protective Day Crème with UVA Defense ★★★★
Formerly: Protective Day Crème with Okuru
Price: $59.90
Size: 30ml
About: day cream designed to protect skin from ageing UVA radiation - the ageing rays which come from sunlight. Packaged in a white plastic bottle with pump dispenser for application.
Review: A day cream that claims to address skin sagging, wrinkles and reversing the affects of UVA radiation damage all for less than $60? Yes, you heard right and I can't begin to tell you how surprised I was to find that Protective Day Cream acutally lives up to its claims! Well, I don't know about UVA radiation reversal but golly gosh, my skin has never looked so plump before - I have been looking at myself in the mirror lately thinking I must have been putting on weight because my cheeks are chubbier than usual but I weigh the same - it is really impressive. One issue I did have is the fact that lapurete's skin care products are very rich and when used in conjuction with the others I found it to be too much to handle and I suffered from break outs which happens rarely to me. While Okuru works to plump skin and minimise wrinkles, Sweet Pea works to firm skin and now my saggy turkey neck flab is toned again - yippeeee!
Purchased: No.