PRODUCT REVIEW: Tan-Off Tan Remover Mitt

Tan-Off Tan Remover Mitt ($24.95AUD) ★★★★
About: reusable exfoliating glove to help remove dead skin cells and signs of fading tans.
Review: Well, well,well I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Tan-Off really did remove unwanted tan. After applying self-tanner all over my body without a glove my hands were in pretty bad shape but with a tanning remover soap scrub that I regularly use and my new Tan-Off Remover Mitt, the tan couldn't seem to wait to come off and rinse away! I was so surprised to see how quickly it acted. A week after the tan, it was time to scrub off the peeling remains that were left and with Tan-Off Remover Mitt I was able to polish and buff away dead skin cells while gently removing the fading tan.
You will also love Tan-Off Remover Mitt because the orange side is great for gentle exfoliation while the black side is much more intense which means you can mix it up depending on what purpose you wish to use it for. My guess is that you will want to purchase again in future because I know I will.
TIP: Rinse the mitt after each use and leave it somewhere to fully dry so it will work to its fullest potential every application.
Purchased: No, but I will.