PRODUCT REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Coordinated Lipstick

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Coordinated Lipstick in 'Coral 231' ($27.95AUD) ★★★★
About: semi-matte lipstick packaged in a square black plastic lipstick tube with a wind-up feature.
Review: My-oh-my, hasn't L'Oreal Paris picked up its game - the brand we all know, love and trust has outshone its  competitors in the past few years with a makeup range of exceptional quality and fantastic prices. Studio Secrets has proven to consumers that the brand has stepped up yet again to meet the needs of makeup artists seeking a reliable makeup brand that delivers for the price you pay. Studio Secrets Professional Coordinated Lipsticks come in 30 beautiful shades that are classified in 6 colour categories: nude, coral, pink, plum, red and brown. Coral 231 is a stunning coral shade which will compliments women of all skin tones. The shade is a peach/coral shade that contains cool undertones and would look stunning in the summer months as we start to tan our skin and wear coral tones on our skin because the shade accentuates skin, facial features and the clothes we wear. The lipstick is emollient and smooth however I find that it needs touching up every 1.5 hours on average so it is not a long-wearing lippie but it is gorgeous none-the-less. While it is not a matte finish, the formula is certainly not glossy either. Let's call it semi-matte. Skin on my lips feel normal after wearing it all day; there is no dryness or irritation and I would certainly purchase S/S Professional Coordinated Lipstick again.
Purchased: No.