PRODUCT REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub

L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub + cleanPod in 'Glow' ($12.95AUD) ★★★★½
About: exfoliating cleansing gel with buffing beads. Comes with a cleanPod to gently buff and clean skin's surface. Suitable for all skin types and packaged in a plastic bottle with flip lid.
Review: There is seriously so much to love about Perfect Clean - the packaging, the formula, the scent, the innovative idea, the product as a whole. Perfect Clean is an exfoliating cleanser which is gentle yet effective and while some might confuse it with a cleanser, I disagree. Perfect Clean is certainly more of an exfoliant and using it any more than 2-3 times per week could dry your skin out or confuse your oil glands in to overdrive, causing unwanted and unneccessary breakouts that could have been prevented. I love Perfect Clean's patented 'cleanPod', a gentle white rubber device with tiny soft bristles that gently buff away dead skin and remove traces of makeup and grime. cleanPods are easy to clean - simply wash in warm water and they conveniently have a suction cap that fits perfect in the centre of Perfect Clean's packaging. This also doubles up as a suction cap to hang the product on bathroom tiles in your shower so the lid does not catch water...but be careful because I accidentally knocked mine and it went flying! The poor lid has never been the same. The scent is like real fresh sweet apricots and the smell makes me feel reminiscent of summer, juicy apricots and mangoes. Mmmmm! My partner loves using Perfect Clean too because he likes the exfoliating sensation on his stubble and it helps to set in-growns free. If you want a great exfoliator that doubles as a cleanser to use in conjunction with another cleanser 2-3 times per week then Perfect Clean is ideal because you will see results and you will REALLY enjoy using it too.
Purchased: No.