PRODUCT REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris De-Maq Expert Ultra-Effective Make-up Removing Wipes

L'Oreal Paris De-Maq Expert Ultra-Effective Make-up Removing Wipes - discontinued ($11.75AUD) ★★★★★
Packet of: 25 wipes.
About: cleansing facial wipes designed to remove makeup, cleanse and tone skin.
Review: De-Maq Expert Ultra-Effective Make-up Removing Wipes are my all-time favourite facial wipes. Ever. And guess what? After they launched, L'Oreal Paris' De-Maq collection lasted no more than two years on the market which has left me devastate. These gentle, soft and effective makeup removing wipes leave a soft silky film on skin which hydrates and cools skin. De-Maq Expert Ultra-Effective Make-up Removing Wipes remove every trace of makeup from the skin guaranteed every time and never ever irritate or disappoint - I should know after using these for a year or two. Because they contain both cleanser and makeup remover, I do like to rinse the wipe with water after use and clean the product off my skin for an ultra fresh finish. I am going to track down every last pack because these are the best.
Purchased: yes - numerous times.