PRODUCT REVIEW: La Biosthetique Belavance Cover & Light Concealer

La Biosthetique Belavance Cover & Light Concealer ($42.00AUD) ★★★★
About: lightweight liquid concealer for eyes and corners of nose and mouth. Packaged in a gold click pen with brush applicator.
Review: Reasonably priced and available in three natural shades, Belavance Cover & Light Concealer is a lovely lightweight texture with a liquid consistency that blends easily in to the skin when applied with warm fingertips. While it erases the signs of dark circles and makes me look well rested, it seems to work more effectively in warmer temperatures or on normal to slightly oily skin because when used on dry skin, it takes longer to blend and can look a little streaky. The scent is very subtle and cannot be smelled when applying. Although it contains Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter to soften the skin and help the formula glide, the product is not all entirely natural but with that said I have not received any irritations. The click pen applicator looks attractive and works a treat - simply click the button at the top of the pen and away it goes. My only real complaint is that it only comes in three shades and as a makeup artist I honestly do not think that this is enough because many women will not be able to use Belevance as the shades are too light.
TIP: Apply 1-2 dabs to tired-looking parts of the face and lightly pat into the skin with fingertips.
Purchased: No.