PRODUCT REVIEW: La Biosthetique Belavance Bi-Phase Remover

La Biosthetique Belavance Bi-Phase Remover ($39.50AUD) ★★½
Size: 100ml
About: dual-phase eye makeup remover suitable for the removal of waterproof makeup. Packaged in a clear bottle with a twist lid and nozzle applicator.
Review; Sadly, I am not a fan of Bi-Phase Remover which contains oil to sufficiently remove even the most stubborn makeup. The reason I am not a fan is the fact that oil leaves an unwanted residue on my skin that leaves me reaching for my oil-free makeup remover to clean it off. Even when shaken thoroughly, the oily residue stays on the skin and it is disappointing and hard to remove. While water (aqua) is the main ingredient, the Canola and Rosewood Oils irritate my eyes and blurs my vision if it enters my lids. The formula is fragrance-free with has a lovely soft natural scent, and it has been pH balanced which is ideal for the skin. While I feel that Bi-Phase Remover works to remove makeup, I personally think that there are better options on the market. However, the choice is yours and if you do prefer to use a makeup remover with an oil base then this could be the ideal choice for you.