PRODUCT REVIEW: La Biosthetique Lipokerine A Shampoo

La Biosthetique Methode Normalisante Lipokerine A Shampoo ($31.50AUD) ★★★★★
Size: 250ml
About: mild cleansing shampoo with a liquid consistency designed to normalise an oily scalp environment. Packaged in a plastic bottle with a nozzle applicator.
Review: When you have had a normal scalp all of your life and then all of a sudden it changes dramatically, it can really confuse and shock you. I know because this happened to me - almost overnight my scalp became oily, it looked dirty after only one or two days and then there was the build up - this disgusting thick build up of oil and grime that collected and suffocated my scalp and no matter what I used or which hair dresser I spoke to, the problem just could not be addressed and I started to lose my confidence. After spending nine months enduring this strange change, I was about to consult with a trichologist (scalp specialist) when I discovered La Biosthetique. Brand reps explained that most hair care brands focus on the hair type but dismisses the condition of the scalp but La Biosthetique has a range designed specifically for oily and sensitive scalp conditions. I was prescribed Lipokerine A Shampoo and have used it ever since - I went from washing my hair every night to every three nights and now my hair and scalp feel so much healthier thanks to Lipokerine A! It is a gentle cleansing shampoo that is best used on wet (not damp) hair to help balance and normalise the scalp's condition. It contains Lipoamino Acids to improve the hair's condition while Vitamin B3 and Liquorice Root Extract have an anti-inflammatory effect. I can't believe that I waited so long to find a product that does what it claims to do and I urge anyone with similar issues to contact their nearest Biosthetique salon for a scalp analysis.
TIP: Apply to the scalp with the nozzle applicator and gently massage in. Leave in for 1-2 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.
Purchased: No.