PRODUCT REVIEW: La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Therapie Anti-Rides

La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Therapie Anti-Rides ($150.00AUD) ★★★★★
Size: 10ml plus 2 refills.
About: intensive serum treatment designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Light gel formulation packaged in a luxurious silver and white box containing three medicinal-looking syringes.
Review: I have been using this product for the past 4 weeks and the product really does deliver on its promise. Right from the outset, it is apparent that this serum has undergone years of scientific research and testing to prior to product launch. Due to its effectiveness as a wrinkle smoother. This product is like a boost of Juvederm and Botox in between treatments. A small amount of product goes a long way and you receive three syringes of serum in every package. My skin is visibly smoother and firmer to the touch; expression lines and small wrinkles appear ironed out; and I look generally younger than my 40+ years. Containing powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, phyto-cell extract and silicon from brown algae, i have confidence in this product. Definitely, a must buy product for the over 35’s demographic.
TIP: Before moisturising, just syringe a small amount of product onto your fingertip and smooth onto expression lines. The light gel consistency ensures rapid absorption into the skin.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Anita Barnes.