PRODUCT REVIEW: Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream

Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream ($50.00+AUD) ★★★
Size: 40ml / 125ml
About: hydrating facial moisturiser with a cream consistency. Suitable for dry skin. Packaged in a squeeze tube with twist lid.
Review: I am a huge Jurlique skincare fan but this one was probably one of my least favourites within the range (not bad for a 3-star rating). It smells a little too strong and the scent is very similar to Dove soap which I find overbearing. The consistency is quite thick and they advise the user to pat (not rub) into the skin because when you rub it, your skin tends to drag with it. The results? I have used this for over 2 months and it has kept my skin in healthy, optimal condition but I worry about ageing and do not like the consistency of the product due to the way it can drag on the skin when applying. While I do love its natural ingredients including Marshmallow and Macadamia and Avocados Oils, I will not purchase in future because there are better alternatives on the market.
Purchased: No.