PRODUCT REVIEW: Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel

Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel ($70.00+AUD) ★★★★★
Size: 100ml
About: a hydrating botanical moisturiser with a gel consistency. Suitable for all skin types but recommended for dry / mature skin. Packaged in a white glass bottle with pump-action dispenser.
Review: I love Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel because it wakens my skin and keeps it from looking tired, sallow or saggy. The potent blend of botanicals in the formula such as precious plant oils and herbs makes Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel a fantastic natural anti-age moisturiser free from nasty chemicals and pointless chemicals. The formula is rich - one to two pumps is certainly enough to cover your face, neck and throat. The consistency is silky smooth and it leaves skin feeling the same way upon application. SoothingHerbal Recovery Gel is designed to restore skin to its optimum condition, firm, and hydrate. I admit that I did not experience the firming properties that the product claims, it did hydrate and keep my skin healthy and smooth. If I could change one thing, I would change the packaging because glass bottles in bathrooms smash very easily.
Purchased: No.