PRODUCT REVIEW: Harlotte Lash Candy Mascara

Harlotte Lash Candy Mascara ($26.00AUD) ★★★
About: bristle-free black mascara for lengthening & volumising.
Review: I have mixed reviews on Harlotte's Lash Candy Mascara - understand that this is a unique concept with a wand that contains no bristles but I must say when I received it, I even called Michelle, Harlotte's founder, to let her know I had received a faulty batch! She giggled and patiently explained that Lash Candy Mascara contains tiny grooves on the end of the wand which act as bristles and build up coverage for lashes. I love the concept behind the unusual wand and how it gets in there and catches even the smallest lashes...BUT I prefer a wand with bristles. In a nutshell I find Lash Candy Mascara is a little difficult to use (even high-maintenance if you will). The formula seems to dry out quickly but if you add a drop of water to the formula once in a while then it will last longer. Lash Candy is not a bad mascara - but there are many better options out there and I probably won't purchase again.
Purchased: Yes.