Gym Wear to Keep You Motivated


Need a little spring in your step this holiday season? What better way to feel fit and motivated this year than with a few inspirational words from Running Bare brand ambassador Rebecca Breeds, 24. This bubbly Australian actress best known for her role as Ruby in Home & Away was chosen for her girl-next-door looks and great attitude to living a healthy lifestyle. Rebecca makes gym wear look fun and fashionable! She shares her health and fitness tips with Running Bare and Spoilt readers...

Do you have a ‘food philosophy'? 
I try and live by the closer to it's original form the better it is for you (i.e. freshly out of the ground).

What foods do you keep in your fridge? 
Soy milk, eggs, yogurt, carrots, tomatoes, brocolli, ham, cheese, original cider, ginger beer, salad stuff and leftovers.

What do you like to do do for fitness? 
Anything and everything! I love long walks and runs outdoors, I enjoy Pilates in my living room and gym classes.

What keeps you get motivated to work out? 
I love how I feel afterwards.

Is there any kind of exercise you dislike? 
Spin classes - I find them boring and excruciating.

Best way to feel body confident: 
A sexy pair of heels

Best health advice received: 
You must be in it for the long haul. Health and fitness are big lifestyle commitments so be patient and persistent!

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