Get The Look: Catwalk-worthy Brows

Pink Diva Makeup working away behind the scenes

In 2011 I answered a casting call for Ama Garatshun, head designer and director of Australian swimwear brand, Ama Garatshun Swim & Resort Wear. In need of makeup artists for an upcoming show for the Pharmacy Guild Association, I was only too excited to register my interest. Her inspiration for the show: bronzed skin and brows featured in bright, summer hues that will 'pop' down the runway. With 6 Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists on hand, we started early to ensure all models were prepared in time. 

How-To Achieve Ama's Catwalk-worthy Brows Look:
  1. Start with a clean face by removing any traces of makeup including old eyeliner and mascara.
  2. Apply a good moisturiser so skin holds your base longer. If you have oily skin then be sure to use a matte moisturiser.
  3. Prime skin. I used Jane Iredale Absense Oil Control Primer on models with oily skin and Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Skin Primer on models with normal to dry skin.  
  4. Apply a yellow-based foundation with slightly fuller coverage for flawless, catwalk-worthy skin. Blend it past the jawline to avoid looking like you are wearing foudation. I used Face of Australia Stick Foundation.
  5. Lightly powder the skin with a pressed powder in the same tone as your skin - be careful not to over-do it. I used Make Up Store yellow-based Compact Pressed Powders.
  6. Apply a light dusting of bronzer over the forehead, down the bridge of the nose and just along the jawline. NOTE: make it really subtle just to give the face a hint of warmth.
  7. With a blending blush brush apply a bronzer just on the bottom edge of the cheekbone to give cheeks that hollow and accentuated appearance. Be sure blend but not too perfectly.
  8. Ever-so-lightly apply a taupe-rose blush to the apples of your cheeks.
  9. Prime eyes with an eyelid primer to help eye makeup stay, and prevent eyeshadow from creasing. I used NP Set Eye Primer.
  10. Apply a natural and soft brown eye shadow across the entire eyelid.
  11. With an angle brush, run the soft brown eye shadow along the bottom lashline to 'line' the eye.
  12. Load up your lashes with black mascara for emphasis. I used Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara.
  13. Remember to apply clear or tinted brow gel to brows to prevent them from going unruly. I used Benefit Speed Brow Gel.
  14. Find water-based paint colours and dip a fine brush in to water.  Squeeze out excess water and thoroughly run the brush in to a bright paint colour (we used red, blue, yellow, purple and green). With a disposable mascara wand run the colour across the brows in the opposite direction to help the colour 'cling' to brows and then brush the brows forward in the right direction. Be sure to remove any excess which sits outside the lines. 
  15. Apply a touch of nude pink to lips to complete the look.
We would LOVE to see your attempt so if you do decide to try Ama's Catwalk-worthy Brows look then please send a photo! I hope this has given you make up inspiration.
The inspiration - source unknown.

Jason Pang Photography &
AISEN Photography for Ama Garatshun Swim & Resort Wear.

What do you think of our Catwalk-worthy Brows look?