Everything changes in a 'New York Minute'

Pregnancies, engagements and divorces...

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Peaches Geldof Announces her Pregnancy: 
This just in: UK socialite and daughter to Bob Geldof, Peaches Geldof is pregnant with her first child. Whilst fame and fortune can offer amazing opportunities, Peaches has received a lot of bad press from the media about her rocker-style love of partying and the bad boys she dates. The 22 year old model/socialite with a tattoo on her bicep that reads 'Wild At Heart', is known for her 'bad-ass' lifestyle. Peaches and her beau Thomas Cohen recently got engaged and the pair are smitten. 

Peaches' spokeswoman told media that "Peaches Geldof and her fiance Thomas Cohen are delighted to announce that Peaches is pregnant with their first child. Peaches is utterly thrilled and they have the full support of both of their families who are equally excited for the baby's arrival."

Good luck with motherhood, Peaches.

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Jason looks like a natural with Brit's sons Sean & Jayden.
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Britney Spears is Engaged!
Just days before Christmas and only days after Brit's 30th birthday, Britney's partner Jason Trawick proposed to her! The engagement took place at an intimate dinner where Britney and Jason celebrated his 40th birthday... what a wonderful gift for the both of them! He is not only good looking but also a sweetheart, asking Britney's father for permission before asking for her hand in marriage.And clearly Britney was uber excited, sharing this tweet with millions of fans, "OMG," she tweeted. "Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I've been waiting for. Can't wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo." 

Jason Trawick, her former agent surprised Britney after she gave Jason his birthday gifts and after they ate birthday cake. He designed the stunning diamond ring with a tiara as his inspiration because Britney is his 'princess'. Awwww!

Congratulations Britney and Jason! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.


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Katy Perry & Russell Brand Announce Divorce.
Sadly not all celebrity news is rosy though. On December 30 Russell Brand announced that he was divorcing Katy Perry and fans were caught off-guard. The pair who once seemed loved-up seemed to compliment one another with their quirky personalities and traits. After just 14 months of marriage Russell  Brand,36, and Katy Perry, 27, publicly announced their separation after months of speculation whether their relationship was on the rocks.

While the couple have not spoken openly to the media since the announcement, sources are stating a range of reasons that they split - that Katy was not satisfying Russell in the bedroom and that Russell was not supportive of Katy's career. 

Only time will tell what really happened but we wish Katy and Russell the best in their personal and public lives.