Review: Trilogy Rose Hand Cream

Trilogy Rose Hand Cream ★★★★
Price: $26.95
Size: 100ml
About: hand cream. Packaged in a plastic tube with a flip lid.
Review: I have tried many a hand cream and Trilogy's Rose Hand Cream is one of the better ones. It is a hydrating hand cream with a lightweight texture and while it hydrates and prevents cracked skin, there are more effective hand creams on the market with a thicker texture that absorb quickly and hydrate for longer. Having said that, the pretty rose scent is really light, and not overbearing but I find Rose Hand Cream does not smell a lot like rose as I was expecting to experience a fresh, delightful rose. Trilogy's Rose Hand Cream is a lovely hand cream, I keep it on my bedside table to use before going to sleep and it does do a good job keeping my hands soft and stops skin from peeling or cracking which is very typical in the cooler months. I do think this is a little over-priced seeing as though Rose Hand Cream is not an intensive hand cream, contains no SPF and is not anti-ageing, plus I personally prefer a rich creamy balm-like texture with my hand creams. Mind you it is free from nasties such as artificial fragrance and alcohol.