PRODUCT REVIEW: Trilogy Face Care Vital Moisturising Cream

Trilogy Face Care Vital Moisturising Cream ($39.95AUD)  ★★★★★ 
Size: 60ml
About: rich hydrating all natural moisturiser designed for dry to very dry skin types. Packaged in a glass jar with twist lid.
Review: As a hairdresser, I have to say, I can be quite lazy with my skin. I will often go to bed without cleansing, toning or moisturising (shhhhh, don't tell Tammerly)! This product has wholly and solely
changed my bad habits. This cream is so lush that I look forward to cleansing my face at night, just so I can put it on. It claims to provide “pure nourishment and hydration,” which is precisely what it does. The ingredients include Rosehip, Vitamin E and Evening Primrose oils which are known to provide healing qualities for skin. The cream is thick, luxurious, delicately scented and spreads easily. For dry skins, it would be perfectly suitable to wear as a day moisturiser – but for my oilier skin, I prefer it for night time.
Purchased: No.

Review by: Jade Frances for Spoilt.